Submersible pumps are driven by an electric motor and are designed to be submersed in water. Applications vary from lifting water out of rivers, mines, etc to sewage pumping in domestic and industrial areas. They can be designed with high pressure outputs.

Cast Iron Impeller
Cast Iron Housing
Steel Shaft
Mechanical Seal
Bronze Impeller
Stainless Steel Housing


Submersible pumps are used in irrigation, municipal engineering and industrial applications. They have flow rates from 10 l/s to 2200 l/s with heads up to 60m.

The pumps are easy to install and come with either a horizontal discharge with a locking flange or a volute discharge vertically up.

Submersible pumps are extremely reliable and come with protection for high temperature and water leakage. They are designed to pump fluids with solid ratios up to 2% and fluid temperature up to 40°C.