Discover Blink CAN Keypads

| Ruggedised | Customisable | Compact | CAN bus |

Your newest control solution has arrived

The best industrial solutions come with great components – and Macquarrie’s new range of CAN Keypads will not disappoint.

Every CAN Keypad can replace an entire system of switches and lamps in your dash. Even better – the ICONS can be changed dynamically, tailored to any application.

Reduce wiring, labour, and installation costs in your mobile machinery, vessel, and vehicle. Requiring only 4 wires to install – you gain up to 12 switches and lamps.

Eliminate the need for multiple harnessing designs – one CAN keypad will suit every application, no matter the unique requirements. Simply changing the software, changes the output functionality.

The PKP-SI Series offers many customisations. Not only the icons (laser etched on removable inserts) but also LED colours and CAN bus protocols.

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