Mining Spec Control Panels

Enclosed in stainless-steel enclosures, the Powercore controllers bring life to engines and equipment found at Mines, Coal Mine Surfaces and Processing Plants.

Custom built to cater for specific design requirements, specifications and applications such as MDG15, the control panels allow for safe operation of engine management systems in various hazardous environments.

General Build Features:

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel enclosures – with viewing window
  • High Temp wires with individual wire numbers or labels internally
  • Internal terminal blocks mounted on DIN rails for all internal wiring exiting enclosure
  • Grey ducting for routing of internal wiring
  • Industry standard sealed Deutsch connectors
  • Emergency stop switch mounted externally on the enclosure
  • Isolators and resettable circuit breakers where required
  • Fully sealed wiring for any external harnesses with sealed T-pieces