Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Harness the power of control with Senquip TPMS, the cutting-edge tyre pressure monitoring system tailored specifically for machinery, buses, trucks & more.

Precision Measurement

Built-in sensors allow you to track Type Pressures, Temperatures, GPS Location, Speed, Pitch & Roll, Vibration, and other key vehicle parameters.

Engine Diagnostics

Real-time monitoring capabilities give complete visibility of all tyre data and vehicle data anytime, anywhere.

Efficiency Boost

Maximize productivity and minimize downtime with service planning tools, cost calculators, & SMS / Email alerts.

Adaptive Control Technology

Proprietary software algorithms allow complete visibility of tyre pressures, temperatures, tread depth, and more.

Macquarrie’s Senquip TPMS kitted solutions arrive pre-programmed and pre-wired, ready to connect directly into your mobile machinery, bus, or on-highway equipment.

Customisable Email / SMS Alerts allow users to get instantaneous notification of tyre wear levels, pressures, and temperatures, and User Configurability Allows web interface to be tailored to your needs.

Macquarrie can work directly with you so that the gathered data is sent directly from your device to your SCADA system or fleet management software.


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