Road Sight Display

Designed with truck cabins in mind, Macquarrie's Road Sight Display records and displays vehicle parameters and diagnostic faults. The system helps owners to collect important information about the operation and performance of the vehicle and helps drivers to monitor performance of their engine. 

The display features a 4.3-inch screen perfect for applications with tighter spaces. It integrates electronic engine, transmission and equipment information into an easy-to-read, full-colour interface. 


  • Fully configurable display designed for use in modern electronic engines 
  • Display and log vehicle parameters 
  • Display and log diagnostic fault codes with full description of engine fault codes 
  • Display and log trip parameters 
  • Display and log whole of life parameters 
  • Configurable service interval popups based on fuel, distance, and hours
  • Configurable alarms
  • USB downloadable data
  • Customizable I/O interface, company logo, background and more.


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