Senquip Solar Kit

Remote Control & Monitoring of your assets is made easy with the Senquip ORB Solar Powered Telemetry Kit.

Tough & Rugged

Designed with harsh Australian Environments in mind, the kit is assembled from the best quality materials. The ORB is encased in a rugged, weatherproof body built to withstand the most severe climates.

Customisable Dashboard

A fully customisable dashboard means the device is suited to a vast array of applications across many sectors including agricultural, marine, mining and industrial sectors. Whether you need to monitor a single sensor or an entire machine or vehicle, the ORB can do it all.

Low Power Consumption

Minimise your carbon footprint with a solar powered telemetry solution. With the flexibility to schedule data readings and hibernate in between measurements, the ORB can be powered by a single solar panel and four AA batteries, making it a rechargeable, standalone solution that can be deployed to even the most remote locations.

Accessible & Flexible

Have the piece of mind that comes with being able to monitor your assets from anywhere. The ORB dashboard can be accessed by any smartphone, laptop or PC. OEM’s have the option of pushing data to their own platform via MQTT Protocol.