Valon Kone

VK Parts & Service

When you have made the important investment decision, Macquarrie's after-sales organization takes care of the installation and commissioning of your equipment. We also train the users to operate the machines.

Give us a call at our head office on 03 9358 5555 and press Option 2.

The Best Care for Your VK Debarker

After a successful start-up, we step in at regular intervals to perform maintenance to the equipment to ensure its uninterrupted operation. If a fault should develop, one of our service bases will promptly take care of the problem. All our service personnel are factory-trained, which means quick and correct maintenance for your machine. VK also has a helpline that gives maintenance advice by telephone, or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail.

If your needs change over time, don't worry. We can modernize your equipment to meet those needs. For day-to-day peace of mind, it is good to know that spares are readily available from our own service bases or our service representatives worldwide.

Who Better to Serve Your Equipment Than the Manufacturer's Australian Agent

Closeness is reliability. With VK, you get the same high level of maintenance service everywhere we are represented. Our own subsidiaries serve you in their respective countries. In addition, one of VK's qualified and well-stocked representatives at strategic locations on every continent will be at your service. You can also contact VK Main Office in Finland. All service personnel have received their training at the factory, so they are best qualified to service your equipment.

Every Conceivable Aspect of Maintenance

The range of VK maintenance services covers everything the debarker may require. We perform:

  • Equipment optimization (debarking quality, functionality)
  • Troubleshooting, repair consulting, repairs
  • Tool tip maintenance and repairs
  • Service needs analysis
  • Regular seasonal/annual servicing and repairs
  • Equipment modernization and factory repair

VK's policy is that in the long run, preventive maintenance is always cheaper than breakdown repair. That is why you will meet our service staff often - checking in on how you are doing and performing preventive maintenance as necessary.

Original Spare Parts

From Valon Kone, you get spares for every VK rotor debarker model ever manufactured. Regardless of whether the model is still in production or not.

Make sure you only use original VK spares, manufactured to VK's high quality standards with our half-century of experience. You ensure the validity of your machine's warranty, its optimal operation and maximum lifetime.

NOTE: Non-VK made spares often fall short of VK's strict quality standards. Using them voids any warranties and may cause damage to your machine.