ORB-X1-W | RS485 ModBus & WI-FI

Senquip ORB-X1-W features an array of in-built sensors in a compact, rugged and robust enclosure for the harshest conditions worldwide.

The Senquip ORB-X1-W is built for use in any application with an IP67 Rated, UV stabilized and Chemical Resistant enclosure. It has built in GPS monitoring for asset tracking.

The unit is a GSM based unit with RS485 communication to talk to most engine and controllers on the market as well as a magnitude of sensors from a basic temperature sensor to industrial sensors in remote areas all over the world.

The ORB-X1-W has Connectivity for:

  • 1 Digital output
  • 2 Analog/Digital inputs
  • Thermocouple scanner

Cloud Service access to monitor everything in real time with a very simple setup using a phone/tablet/laptop which has access to the internet, once set up, all parameters are visible through the Senquip Portal.

This unit has been built for real world applications with a very versatile power requirement with a supply voltage of 10v to 72v with a built in battery backup using 4 x AA batteries in an event of a power outage.


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