The Senquip QUAD is designed for harsh environments where there may not be a clear view of the sky and external antennas are a benefit. Senquip QUADs are typically found in electrical enclosures, in operator cabs, and mounted externally on machines.

Built in sensors measure GNSS position and speed, temperature, pressure, pitch and roll, vibration, supply and battery voltage, and tamper. Interfaces are provided for RS232, RS485, MODBUS, CAN Bus, Bluetooth, 4 20mA, pulse, frequency, and voltage.

Data measured is transmitted via Wi Fi or 4G LTE4 and can be delivered to the Senquip Portal or to your own server or SCADA system.

Power is supplied with solar, or 10V to 75V DC. If a solar panel is used, an internal LiPo battery will keep the device powered during periods without sunlight.

Users can write JavaScript to manipulate data, create combinational alerts, execute local control, or create customised payloads for sending to 3rd party servers. 


Spec Bulletin