The B-Series Murphygage® instrument is a high quality, diaphragm-actuated indicating gage. Built by Enovation Controls with the same heavy-duty design as the standard 20 series and 25 series Swichgage® instrument, the B-gage is more compact and is the optimum instrument for gage-only applications. It has a high impact polycarbonate lens, sturdy steel case and a polished, low-profile stainless steel bezel. Accuracy and protection from moderate over-pressure/overtemperature are assured by a unique, unitized diaphragm chamber, superior quality materials and the design of the gage movement.

Pressure Murphygage instrument

Pressure changes at the diaphragm convert to accurate mechanical movements that are indicated on an easy-to-read analog dial. A pulsation dampener in the pressure port helps eliminate pointer flutter. It can be removed for cleaning to maintain the gage’s response and accuracy.

Vacuum Murphygage instrument

Available in 0 to 20 or 0 to 30 in. Hg. (0 to -68 or 0 to -102 kPa) vacuum.

Temperature Murphygage instrument

As temperature rises, the fluid in the sensing bulb vaporizes to apply pressure on the diaphragm. The movement translates this vapour pressure to a calibrated reading of temperature on the dial. The standard capillary is copper with a PVC armour. Optional armour covering is galvanized steel or 316 stainless steel (specify). Optional bulb types, adaptor nuts and thermowells are available.

The B-Series can be utilized in industrial engines and equipment in the oil field, marine, irrigation, construction and trucking industries as well as monitoring engine coolant, crankcase oil and transmission oil.