20BPG-50 (05703159): B-Series Pressure Murphygage

The 20BPG-50 B-Series Pressure Murphygage is a high quality, diaphragm-actuated indicating gauge, with a pressure range of 0-50 psi. Built with the same heavy-duty design as the standard 20-Series Swichgage instrument, the B-gage is more compact and is the optimum instrument for gauge-only applications. The 20BPG-50 has a high-impact polycarbonate lens, a sturdy environmentally sealed steel case, and a polished, low-profile stainless steel bezel.

Accuracy and protection from moderate over-pressure are assured by a unique, unitized diaphragm chamber, superior quality materials, and the design of the gauge movement. Pressure changes at the beryllium copper diaphragm convert to accurate mechanical movements that are indicated on a 2", easy to read, dual-scale analogue dial. A pulsation dampener in the pressure port helps eliminate pointer flutter; it can be removed for cleaning to maintain the Murphygage response and accuracy.