20VWC-30 (05700439): Air Filter Restriction Swichgage

The 20VWC-30 Air Filter Restriction Swichgage is a 2" (51 mm) dual-scale dial, direct reading gauge for use with dry air filters. The vacuum is monitored and the instrument gives a visual readout of the filter condition. This model is both an indicating gauge and adjustable limit switch that will activate an alarm and/or shutdown equipment. The standard range is 0-30 inches (0-76 cm) of water restriction. The 20VWC-30 Swichgage can be used on many types of dry air filters for gasoline or diesel engines. It is particularly useful for engines operated in dusty environments such as agriculture and construction equipment, industrial engines and mobile equipment.

Unlike traditional pop-up or latch-type indicators, the 20VWC-30 gives a constant readout in meaningful terms of the changing condition of your filter. As your filter deteriorates, air inflow will decrease creating increased vacuum between the air filter and the carburettor. The vacuum is monitored by the Swichgage which gives a visual readout of the filter condition. The built-in adjustable limit contact can operate an alarm to alert the operator when it is time to service or replace the air filter element.