The 45APE Series Swichgage instrument is a mechanical gage for pressure indication.

It includes two adjustable SPDT switches. These snap-acting switches can be used for start and stop, to trip alarms and to shut down equipment. Ranges are available from 30” VAC (-100 kPa) [-1 bar] thru 10,000 psi (138 MPa) [1379 bar]. The 45APE Series utilizes a bourdon tube sensing unit with a stainless steel dual-sector geared movement. Each of the sectors drives separate pointers when pressure is applied to the bourdon tube. The indicating pointer (visible pointer) shows actual pressure reading, including below and beyond the low and high trip points. The low and high trip points are adjustable independently on the gage front lens. The switch operator pointer (behind the dial) is calibrated to follow the indicating pointer. The low and high trip point indicators arrest the switch operator pointer. As pressure decreases or increases through the principal of lost motion, the respective snap-switch is tripped.