AX020507 Quad Valve Controller with SAE J1939

6 Inputs, 4 Proportional and 1 on/off Output, 0-2A Output Rating, Two 50mA +5V references 

The quad valve controller provides precise, repeatable control of 4 proportional solenoids and 1 on/off solenoid over a SAE J1939 network. PWM signal inputs or analog voltage or current inputs are accepted for interface to a PLC, Engine Control Module or command potentiometers. Multiple switched inputs are provided to suit a range of applications. Each can be configured to measure the input value, and send the data to a SAE J1939 CAN network.

In addition, any output on the controller could be configured to use any of the on board inputs as either a control signal or an enable signal, instead of taking the control information from the CAN bus. Diagnostics messages are provided over the CAN network for the status of inputs or outputs. Settings are user configurable via a Windows-based Electronic Assistant® configuration tool interfacing to the controller via an USB-CAN device to suit a wide variety of applications.


The controller is designed for harsh operating environments.

  • Industrial, off-highway (mobile) and marine applications for the control of hydraulic proportional poppet or spool valves
  • Interface with a diesel engine’s electronic control module PWM signal to drive accessories
  • Transmission controls
  • Vehicle traction control
  • Closed loop control of hydraulic valves (on request)


  • Independent outputs for 4 proportional solenoids (0….2A) and 1on/off valve (< 5 A)
  • Provides 2 +5V, 50 mA reference voltages to power input devices
  • 6 inputs available from the following: - Up to 4 voltage or current analog inputs, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA - Up to 6 digital inputs for interface to switches, etc. - Up to 2 PWM signal, pulse or 16-bit counter inputs from sensors or diesel engine ECM’s - Enable or disable input commands
  • Robust 8…36VDC power supply interface with reverse polarity protection
  • Thermal overload and overvoltage protection provided
  • Operational from -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
  • CAN (SAE J1939) permits networking (or CANopen® in model AX020502)
  • Hardware is available as a platform for application-specific software or setpoints
  • Electronic Assistant® runs on a Windows operating system for user configuration. An Axiomatic USB-CAN converter links the PC to the CAN bus.
  • Rugged IP67 packaging and connectors
  • CE type approval for the 2004/104/EC Directive (EMC)


Spec Bulletin