AX021610 Universal Input, Single Output Valve Controller

1 Universal Input, 1 Output, 0-3A Output Rating 

The controller consists of a set of internal functional blocks, which can be individually programmed and arbitrarily connected together to achieve the required system functionality, Fig. 1. For additional flexibility, in a majority of functional blocks, logical input signals can be inverted. Each functional block is absolutely independent and has its own set of parameters, or setpoints, used to control its functionality. The setpoints are accessible through CAN using Axiomatic Electronic Assistant® (EA) software.

There are two types of the controller functional blocks. One type represents the controller hardware resources, for example: universal input or PWM output. The other type is purely logical – these functional blocks are included to program the user defined functionality of the controller. The user can build virtually any type of a custom control by logically connecting inputs and outputs of the functional blocks. This approach gives the user an absolute freedom of customization and an ability to fully utilize the controller hardware resources in a user’s application.


  • 1 universal signal input
  • 1 output: current 0-2 A; proportional voltage up to Vps; PWM signal; or voltage 0-Vps (user selectable)
  • Wide power supply range (8…60VDC), 12V, 24V nominal
  • 1 CAN (SAE J1939) port
  • CANopen® module P/N: AX021602
  • PCB is enclosed in heat shrink wrap with 6 inch lead wires terminated in 3 Deutsch IPD DT06 plugs.
  • Flexible user programming for application-specific control logic via the CAN based Electronic Assistant®.