AX023220 2 Universal Inputs, Dual Valve Controller

125ºC Operation, 2 Universal Signal Inputs, 2 Outputs, SAE J1939 

The Dual Input, Dual Output Valve Controller (2i2o) is designed for extremely versatile control of up to two proportional outputs to directly drive coils or other loads. Its flexible circuit design gives the user a wide range of configurable input or output types. The sophisticated control algorithms allow the user to program the controller for a wide range of applications without the need for custom software.

The controller has two fully configurable universal inputs that can be setup to read: voltage, current, resistive, frequency, or digital input signals. There are also two universal outputs that can be setup to drive: proportional current (up to 3A each); hotshot digital current; proportional voltage (up to supply); proportional PWM; or straight on/off digital loads. All I/O ports on the unit are independent from one another.

The 2i2o is a highly programmable controller, allowing the user to configure it for their application. Its sophisticated control algorithms allow for open or closed loop drive of the proportional outputs. It can be operated as either a self-contained control system, driving the outputs directly from the onboard inputs, and/or it can be integrated into a CAN J1939 network of controllers. All I/O and logical function blocks on the unit are inherently independent from one another, but can be programmed to interact in a large number of ways. While the Block Diagram shows the hardware features, Figure 1 shows the logical function blocks (software) available on the 2i2o.

The 2i2o has a number of built-in protection features that can shut off the outputs in adverse conditions. They include hardware shutoffs to protect the circuits from being damaged as well as software shutdown features that can be enabled in safety critical systems.

All setpoints are user configurable using the Electronic Assistant®.


The controller is designed to meet the rugged demands of mobile equipment, marine and heavy duty industrial machine applications. These applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Proportional Fan Drive Control
  • PID Closed Loop Valve Control
  • Hydraulic Valve Control
  • Signal Conversion


  • 2 universal signal inputs configurable as:
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Resistive
    • PWM Duty Cycle
    • Frequency/RPM
    • Encoder
    • or Digital
  • 2 proportional/digital outputs configurable as:
    • Proportional Current
    • Proportional Voltage
    • Proportional PWM (selectable
    • frequency from 1Hz to 25kHz)
    • Hotshot Digital
    • or On/Off Digital
  • 1 +5V Reference
  • Fully protected outputs
  • 12V or 24Vdc nominal
  • Operational up to 125ºC temperature
  • Developed with Simulink®
  • Software filtering for input types
  • Multiple logic function blocks provided to allow for a wide variety of applications
  • Configurable software output shutdowns provided on Power Supply faults
  • J1939-73 Diagnostics
  • Flexible user customization for application-specific control logic via the CAN based Electronic
  • Assistant®.
  • 1 CAN (SAE J1939) port (CANopen® on request)
  • 250kpbs, 500kpbs and 1Mbps models available
  • Rugged IP67 packaging and connectors
  • CE marking