AX024010 4 Input, Bidirectional 10 - 400 mA Output Valve Controller, DIN rail mount

4 Inputs, 2 Bidirectional 10 - 400 mA Outputs Valve Controller, DIN rail mount 

The 4 Input 2 Output Servo Controller is designed for versatile control of two servo outputs to directly drive servos or other loads. Controller’s flexible circuit design gives the user a wide range of configurable input types. The sophisticated control algorithms allow the user to program the controller for a wide range of applications without the need for custom software.

The controller has two Universal inputs that can be configured to measure analog voltage or current, frequency/PMW or digital signal and two Analog inputs that can be configured to measure current and both positive and negative voltages. Measured input data can be sent to a SAE J1939 CAN Network or used to drive outputs directly or through the configurable control algorithms.

The servo outputs are of H-bridge type with capability of driving up to 400mA through the load in both directions. Both outputs can be configured to use any of the on-board inputs as either a control signal or an enable signal as well as SAE J1939 CAN Network data.


  • servo valve control in motion control, industrial automation


  • Two bidirectional outputs from -400mA to +400 mA
  • Isolated SAE J1939 CAN port
  • Two analog signal inputs are selectable as the following voltage or current signals (Inputs 1 & 2)
    • 0-5V, 0-10V, 0 to +/- 5V, 0 to +/- 10V
    • 4-20mA, or 0-20mA
  • Two analog/digital inputs are available as the following signals (Inputs 3 & 4)
    • 0-5V, 0-10V,
    • 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA
    • PWM
    • Frequency
    • or Digital (Active High or Active Low)
  • 12Vdc or 24Vdc nominal
  • One reference voltage (+5V) is available to power sensors
  • Operates from -40 to 85C (-40 to 185F)
  • Two LED indicators
  • IP20
  • DIN rail mount
  • CE marking
  • Configurable via Electronic Assistant®
  • The firmware was developed using Simulink®
  • A Near Field Communications Antenna is provided for simple configurations (Google Play App):
    • Place the phone next to the antenna and configure while unpowered.
    • The E-Write NFC Android Application provides flexible user configurability for application specific input-output relationship with slope or time response.
    • Protected and secure communications