AX030310 18 Digital Inputs CAN Controller

8 Digital/Frequency Inputs, 10 Digital Inputs,SAE J1939 

The 18 Digital Signal Input Module accepts up to 10 digital type inputs (active high/active low, PWM signal, Frequency or counter). Eight additional digital inputs are user selectable as Active High or Active Low. The electronic control can be connected to a variety of machine switches, sensors, PWM signals, etc. It interfaces with the machine’s CAN network (SAE J1939). Standard embedded software is provided. Rugged packaging in addition to a wide-ranging power supply input section for 12V or 24Vdc power suits applications in the harsh environment of mobile equipment with on-board battery power. All setpoints are user configurable using the Electronic Assistant®.


  • Engine controls for power generation, co-generation, stationary power
  • Engine controls for commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, etc.


  • 10 digital inputs are user selectable from the following.
    • Active High/Active Low
    • PWM signal from sensors or diesel engine ECM’s
    • Frequency (Hz or RPM)
    • Counter
  • 8 digital inputs are user selectable as Active High/Active Low
  • 12V, 24VDC input power (nominal) with rugged surge protection
  • 1 CAN (SAE J1939) CANopen® (P/N: AX030311)
  • IP67
  • CE mark
  • User configurable using Axiomatic Electronic Assistant®
  • Developed with Simulink®