AX030530 1 Universal Signal Input CAN Controller SAE J1939

1 Analog Input, CAN 

Distributed I/O for Engine Control Systems


  • Distributed controls for power generation, co-generation, stationary power
  • Distributed controls for commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, industrial equipment, etc.


  • 1 universal signal input (Voltage, Current, Resistive, Digital, Frequency or PWM)
  • User selectable input range from: 0-1V; 0-2.5V; 0-5V; 0-10V; 0- 20mA; 4-20 mA; 20 Ohm to 250 kOhm (Auto Range or User Selectable Ranges); 10Hz – 1 kHz; or 100 Hz – 10 kHz.
  • 12V/24/48VDC input power (nominal) with transient and reverse polarity protection
  • 1 CAN (SAE J1939), CANopen® on request
  • Rugged packaging and connectors
  • Electronic Assistant® runs on a Windows operating system for user configuration and programming. An Axiomatic USB-CAN links the PC to the CAN bus.