AX060700 Triaxial Inclinometer with Gyro

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer with Gyroscope 

The Triaxial Inclinometer measures pitch and roll inclination angles in a full ±180 degree orientation range. Pitch angle is compensated by a gyroscope to minimize the influence of dynamic linear accelerations. The unit can also output gravity angle and unit accelerations in three orthogonal directions as well as an angular rate of rotation around the pitch angle.

The angles are measured by a set of MEMS sensors, which senses acceleration caused by the gravity force in three orthogonal directions. The output signals from the MEMS sensors are normalized and processed by a microcontroller.

Inclinometer model options include: CAN networking via SAE J1939. Refer to the block diagram below.

The inclinometer is IP67 rated and is packaged in a cast Aluminum housing. A dual 5-pin M12 connector configuration allows for networking the sensor in a machine control system. Other configurations are available on request.

The inclinometer transmits angular and angular rate data over the CAN bus using a standard J1939 protocol. The unit’s default configuration can be changed using the PC-based Axiomatic Electronic Assistant® software.


  • Level, tilt, pitch and acceleration monitoring in agricultural, off-highway and mining equipment
  • Platform levelling and stabilization in industrial machines
  • Robotics position sensing
  • Navigation system component


  • Reliable, real-time, accurate and stable slope angle data
  • MEMS-based accelerometer measures angle with respect to gravity
  • MEMS gyroscope measures angular rate around the axis
  • Measures pitch and roll inclination angles in a full ±180 degree orientation range
  • Outputs accelerations in 3 orthogonal directions
  • Provides an angular rate of rotation of the pitch angle
  • Output: SAE J1939
  • 12V, 24Vdc nominal power supply
  • Aluminium enclosure, 2 round 5-pin A-coded M12 connectors, gasket, encapsulation
  • IP67 protection
  • CE mark pending
  • Configurable using the Electronic Assistant®