AX060900 Triaxial Gyro Inclinometer

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer, Triaxial Gyro Sensor 

The unit measures pitch and roll inclination angles in a full ±180 degree orientation range. The angles can be compensated by a 3D gyroscope to minimize the influence of dynamic linear accelerations caused by vibrations and machine operational movements.

The unit can also output: gravity angle; pitch, roll and yaw angular rates; and unit accelerations in three orthogonal directions. The inclinometer transmits angular data over CAN bus using a standard J1939 protocol. The unit original configuration can be changed using Axiomatic Electronic Assistant® PC-based configuration tool.


  • Level, tilt, pitch and acceleration monitoring in agricultural, off-highway and mining equipment
  • Platform levelling and stabilization in industrial machines
  • Robotics position sensing
  • Navigation system component


  • Reliable, real-time, accurate and stable slope angle as well as pitch, roll and yaw
  • MEMS-based accelerometer data measures angle with respect to gravity
  • MEMS gyro and MEMS accelerometer sensor data is fused to lead to an effective measuring unit under most operating conditions
  • Measures pitch and roll inclination angles in a full ±180 degree orientation range
  • Outputs gravity angle, pitch, roll and yaw angular rates and accelerations in 3 orthogonal directions
  • SAE J1939
  • 12V, 24Vdc nominal power supply
  • Aluminum enclosure, 2 round 5-pin A-coded M12 connectors, gasket, encapsulation (Option: 1 5-pin M12 connector)
  • IP67 protection
  • Configurable using the Electronic Assistant®