AX090003 24V Battery Charger (10A)

24VDC, 10A Battery Charger, CAN bus, I/O 


Off-highway Vehicles, Lift Equipment, Power Generation, Electric Vehicles, Fleet and Utility Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Power Gensets


  • Charges a 24V or 12V lead-acid battery
  • Maximum output power of 300 W (30V / 10A)
  • Compact size for easy mounting on a vehicle
  • Managed heat dissipation so no fan cooling is required
  • Wide ranging operation from 95 to 260 VAC, 45/65 Hz
  • Highly efficiency design (90%)
  • Inherent power factor correction
  • Microprocessor controlled (standard s/w)
  • Application-specific charging profiles for OEMs available
  • Battery charging without operator involvement
  • Configurable for battery optimization
  • User defined control I/O (2 digital inputs and outputs) with the default function of the first output set to perform a safety interlock if connected to an external relay tied to vehicle ignition.
  • Monitors a remote battery temperature sensor for safe operation and prevention of battery overheating
  • Transmits charger condition, line connection status, battery voltage, and charge current over CAN bus
  • Error mode shutdown
  • Precharge, Bulk Charge, and Constant Voltage charge modes. Equalization is available as needed.
  • Automatic retain charge in Float mode
  • Permits load connection to battery (after fully charged) with Float Mode enabled
  • Software overvoltage protection can be activated to ensure load safety if it cannot tolerate 31Vpeak output
  • LED indicator for status of operation
  • CAN (SAE J1939) [CANopen® or proprietary CAN on request]
  • Electronic Assistant® runs on a Windows operating system for user configuration. An Axiomatic USB-CAN converter links the PC to a CAN bus.
  • Additional RS-232 interface to PC or laptop for user configuration and diagnostics Operational from -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
  • Corrosion resistant packaging, IP67 rated for harsh environments