AX090600 24Vdc/14Vdc, 2A Converter-Charger

24Vdc/14Vdc, 2A Charger/Converter 


The Charger/Converter is suitable for application on vehicle CAN based systems.

  • Off-highway Equipment
  • Fire trucks and municipal vehicles


  • 24Vdc/14Vdc, 2A (28 Watts) Converter
  • 14Vdc, 2A Battery Charger for SLA or AGM batteries
  • Typical charging efficiency of 91% (12Vdc battery)
  • Non-isolated
  • 1 CAN port (SAE J1939) - Battery charge status is communicated over CAN
  • Operates from 26Vdc-36Vdc
  • Typical efficiency of 91%
  • Thermal protection for over temperature
  • Reverse battery, over and under-voltage protection
  • Short circuit and overcurrent protection
  • -40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F) operating temperature
  • Compact, ultrasonic welded enclosure
  • 8-pin TE Deutsch type connector
  • LED Indicator
  • IP67
  • EMI/EMC compliant
  • User configurable with the Axiomatic Electronic Assistant® USB-CAN converter and software