AX141100 CAN-Bluetooth Gateway with RTC

The CAN-Bluetooth Gateway transfers wireless data to a PC, smartphone, display or tablet. It features a RTC with 4 Gbit of flash memory. The setpoints are configurable using the CAN2BT Configuration Android smartphone application. Additionally, the controller includes a configurable dual LED which is visible from outside the housing. It has rugged packaging and performance for IP67, high vibration and off-highway machine environments. SAE J1939 is the CAN bus protocol. The gateway has a configurable baud rate.

The device uses both Bluetooth standards, Classic and Low Energy (BLE). The Axiomatic smartphone applications are available only for Android platforms and use the Classic Bluetooth for data transfer. The CAN-Bluetooth gateway can be accessed also using Apple smartphones using BLE. The BLE access provides all the configuration and data transfer options that the Classic Bluetooth does, however on a much slower data rate. The BLE access is targeted for device configuration purposes only.

The CAN-Bluetooth devices can be used as a pair for creating a bridge for CAN data. The bridge is always created using Classic Bluetooth for high data throughput but does not limit simultaneous BLE access to the CAN-Bluetooth device.


  • CAN bus (SAE J1939)
  • Configurable baud rate
  • Bluetooth (Classic & BLE)
  • 164 ft. range
  • RTC back up power (96 hours)
  • 8-60Vdc (12V or 24Vdc nominal) with load dump
  • - 30 to +85°C
  • IP67
  • Compact, ultrasonic welded enclosure
  • 8-pin TE Deutsch type connector
  • LED indicator
  • CE marking
  • Vibration and shock compliance for off-highway applications
  • Configurable via CAN2BT Configuration Android smartphone application
  • Can be used with BT MAP Tool Android smartphone application to configure many Axiomatic devices
  • The CAN-Bluetooth gateway can be accessed also using Apple smartphones using BLE for configuration purposes