Electric Gage & Swichgage® Instrument - EG Series

The EGS21 Series Swichgage instrument has all of the features of the EG21 Series Gage plus an adjustable set point Power Hall Effect switch output for operating alarms or equipment shutdown. The trip point is adjustable over 90 percent of the scale and has a set point indicator visible from the gage face. Now you can have both the ease of electric gage installation and the reliable switching of Murphy’s famous Swichgage instrument.


  • EG Air Core Movement design
  • Technological improvements in lighting, accuracy in reading and wiring installation
  • Environmentally sealed design
  • Exceeds the rigid SAE J1810 standard Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Desirable for marine and other environmentally sensitive applications
  • Soft, non-glare dial and pointer illumination by cold light LED