The Murphy Selectronic MT90 digital tachometer offers high accuracy and dependability resulting from use of a quartz crystal time-base and digital, solid-state electronics.

Tachometer power is supplied by either a Murphy magnetic pickup mounted at the flywheel ring-gear of an engine or by a 12-, 24- or 32-volt DC battery system.

RPM data is supplied by either a Murphy magnetic pickup or by the alternator in your battery charging circuit. The MT90 tachometer also has backlighting for easy readings in low-lit areas. This lighting requires a battery power source.

The MT90 is calibrated to engine RPM by setting a series of calibration rotary switches on the back of the tachometer. The proper switch sequence for the engine is determined by (1) the number of ring gear teeth for the magnetic pickup or (2) by the ratio of alternator to engine pulley diameter and the number of poles of the alternator.


  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Industrial engines
  • Oil field equipment
  • Marine vessels, vehicles
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment