Blink Marine


The PowerTrack keypad and its rotary encoder were both designed by Blink Marine as a natural evolution of the Powerkey 1000, from which it has inherited the same attractive and compact visual design.

Together with the six quick-pick keys, the addition of a rotary pushbutton knob makes it possible to manage complex scroll functions on the display and can interface with onboard systems thanks to CANbus protocols. PowerTrack boasts numerous personalization options, thanks in part to the flexible management of multicolour LEDs.


CAN keypad addresses - You are able to assign any valid CAN address to the keypad.

CANopen communication protocol - We have released a new version of our CANopen that is fully compliant with Device Profile 301d. Configurable baud rate and custom CAN message.

J1939 Address Claim Transmission – Keypads no longer have to be pre-programmed to a specific address. This enables customers that work in applications in the field without access to a GUI to use any replacement keypad on-hand. The keypad can be configured to automatically announce its address and accept a new address assignment as appropriate.

Smart led management - The intensity of the LEDs can be adjusted, whilst any LED indicator – whether fixed or blinking – can be personalized according to colour preference. Backlighting for the keypad is also adjustable.

Concave keys - The ergonomic design simplifies touch navigation of the quick-pick keys.

Event Status transmission - The keypad can send messages to the BUS indicating a button press event or a button release event has occurred. This confirmation allows digital systems to have the same input acknowledgements as that of the latching positions of a mechanical switch.

Periodic status transmission - The keypad can be configured to send messages to the CANopen, on a predetermined frequency. This frequency can be set as low as every 10 milliseconds. This feature can be used to monitor the continuity of the system and is also helpful in troubleshooting a fault.

Periodic heartbeat - The keypad sends a continuous broadcast of messages to indicate it is still functioning correctly. The frequency of these messages can be adjusted as needed.


UV Protected - UVB 400 hours: Keypad is highly resistant to deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight.

Splashproof - PowerTrack is resistant to impacts generated by water spray and other potentially damaging elements like dust, sand and mud.

Independent KEY - The device is able to support any multiple pressure key combination.

An ergonomic knob - This controller was designed to guarantee a comfortable grip in any given situation thanks to a rubber insert that wraps all the way around the knob.

Encoder with pushbutton - Use of the knob is both comfortable and immediate. For example, the knob allows its user to manage scroll & select operations without letting go of the handle.