Remote Monitoring For IFM Controllers

  • Configured for IFM Controller integration
  • Display of Engine Parameters (20 Max) including:
    • Engine RPM
    • Engine Oil Pressure
    • Engine Coolant Temperature
    • Engine Hours
    • Supply Voltage
    • Fault Codes with full descriptions
    • Warnings and Shutdowns
  • Display of Auxiliary Parameters
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Pitch, Roll, Yaw
    • GPS Position Data
  • Engine Service Intervals
    • Customisable service intervals
    • User resettable via Online Portal

Remote Control & Monitoring of your Engine Assets is made easy and convenient with the Senquip Orb. Have the peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor and control your assets from anywhere, at anytime.

Tough & Rugged

Designed with harsh Australian Environments in mind, the devices is assembled from the best quality materials. The ORB is encased in a rugged, weatherproof body built to withstand the most severe climates.

Infinitely Customisable

A fully customisable dashboard means that our solution can be tailored to suit a vast array of applications whether it be in the industrial, agricultural, marine or mining sectors.