The Sentinel 150P is a range of highly efficient, high performance battery chargers designed for continuous float charge and standby power applications. Switch Mode technology improves efficiency and low heat dissipation, wide supply voltage tolerance and low output ripple all within a compact and lightweight construction design. The chargers are configured for fast, accurate charging to give optimum battery life and reliability. Each charger’s output can be OEM-configured for optimal charging of different cell types: vented/wet lead acid, Calcium-Calcium, sealed VRLA (AGM or Gel), NiCd or custom requirements. The very smooth output (< 1% ripple) allows charging of sealed or vented batteries or use as a standalone power supply.


  • Intelligent, multi-stage charge regime: During charge recovery mode, the Sentinel gives a constant (maximum) current output; as the battery approaches peak charge, the output reverts to float charge mode, maintaining an optimum cell voltage and supplying additional standing load current up to the rated maximum. Output current is always limited to the rated maximum, even during high load (e.g. engine cranking), short-circuit or reverse polarity connection.
  • AutoBoost: AutoBoost provides a temporary increase in output voltage, equalizing the charge between cells and maximizing battery life and capacity. AutoBoost is triggered automatically when the battery falls below a preset voltage and reverts to float mode automatically at the end of the boost cycle, preventing battery over-charge and gassing.
  • Alarm output and control input (A option): A option models include a control input and alarm output, both with configurable functions. The input can be configured for use with panel relay circuits or operator switches, giving additional control over the output, e.g. AutoBoost initiation and termination. The alarm relay output can be configured to operate during a one or more (up to 7) fault conditions: mains fail, DC connection error, battery missing, temp sensor short, low battery volts, high battery volts and charge fail.
  • Temperature compensation: The optimum charge voltage for lead acid and NiCd batteries varies with ambient temperature. Sentinel can be configured to sense battery temperature from a remote sensor and automatically compensate the output charge voltage.
  • Versatile: Sentinel 150P can be configured and monitored using a PC-based software tool, model SNTL150P-PCSUITE. The tool offers a number of standard profiles for different battery types but also allows OEM-customization of all parameters for fine control in any application. The tool also enables real-time monitoring and metrics for both charger and battery.
  • Installation and connection: The Sentinel 150P uses an open circuit board construction with an aluminium protective cover for surface mounting in an existing control panel. Electrical connection is by quick-connect, two-part type terminal blocks.