Sentinel 300P battery chargers provide new levels of DC power control, monitoring and protection for stationary engine starting and standby battery applications.


  • Switch mode charging technology: high power efficiency and low heat dissipation, plus wide supply voltage tolerance, in a compact and lightweight package.
  • Multistage charging: float, bulk, absorption and AutoBoost stages ensure no compromise between rapid charge recovery and long-term battery capacity and life.
  • Low output ripple: <1% ripple, beneficial for vented lead acid and NiCd cells, essential for VRLA, and configurable for use as a standalone DC power supply.
  • AutoBoost: triggered automatically on low charge levels or manually by remote switch, AutoBoost temporarily increases the charge voltage before returning to float mode. Equalizing battery cell charge without overcharge and gassing, AutoBoost maximizes cell capacity and life.
  • Temperature compensation: ensures batteries are charged at the optimal voltage, which varies significantly with ambient temperature. Sentinel can measure temperature with a battery-mounted sensor and adjusts output voltage to prevent under or overcharging. In addition, the Sentinel 300P includes:
  • Flexible configuration: microprocessor programmability for automatic or manual configuration of charge output voltages (12 V or 24 V nominal), cell types/numbers and application – all in one standard model. Programming is by circuit board links or PC-based software configuration and monitoring tool.
  • Inputs and outputs: for remote charger control and signalling of charge fail, high/low battery volts and mains fail faults. Standard output functions are NFPA 110 compliant. Non-standard input/output functions available to special order.
  • Display, instrumentation and communication: options for backlit LCD readout, analog metering and CAN 2.0B / SAE J1939 data communication; all models include RS485 communication for configuration and control. The Sentinel 300P is available either as an open-frame, UL-recognized module for mounting in existing control panels or as a UL-listed, wall-mounted stainless steel enclosure with LCD and analog metering options. Electrical connection is by screw terminal blocks. On enclosed models, wiring harness access is by knockout cable gland holes in the case side.