The direct-acting 3-way solenoid valve has a pivoted armature as the switching method.

This unique valve design hermetically isolates the actuator from the air, making it less sensitive to contaminated air than a plunger-type system and provides a long service life, even in unlubricated applications. The solenoid epoxy encapsulation efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the fluid.

This solenoid valve has been proven in service on road vehicles and is a recommended component in the Chalwyn Electric to Air DieseEngine Safety Control Systems.


  • Refinery maintenance vehicles
  • Road trucks
  • Cranes
  • Fuel tankers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Fire engines
  • Mobile drilling rigs
  • Aircraft refuelling


  • Rugged construction for harsh environments
  • Separating diaphragm isolates solenoid system from operating air
  • Long service life, even in non-lubricating conditions
  • Insensitive to contaminated air
  • Lockable manual override standard
  • Operates on 24 Volt DC signal
  • Resistant to vibration


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