ST5 / 8 / 10

The ST Series Selectronic Tattletale annunciators are a simple and inexpensive answer to your remote alarm annunciator needs. These compact Tattletale annunciators announce by a flashing LED which variable malfunctioned. It may feature a pulsating Mini-Siren® to audibly alert to the malfunction, which is silenced by depressing the alarm silence button. The visual signal remains in operation until the fault is corrected and the contacts are cleared. When an alarm sensor trips, the LED flashes, and if equipped, the Mini-Siren sounds. At the same time, an output circuit will activate which allows you to connect an external relay to operate a general alarm, operate a shutdown device, etc.

A test push button tests all alarm LEDs.

Basic models accept 8-32 VAC or 8-40 VDC input voltage. Others are available for either 12-VDC or 24- VDC input.

Preprinted peel and stick nameplates for common faults are supplied with each unit. Most of the Selectronic Tattletale annunciators accept either normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) contacts. You can mix N.O. and N.C. contacts on the same unit.

Two mounting styles are offered: a recessed panel mounting flange and a freestanding gimbal mounting. (Model STA16 is available only in flange mount).

All models except STA16 have a time delay available to lock out the audible alarm on startup. These unique alarm panels have wide ranging applications and can be grouped in many configurations.