TSB-R205F/96C-1/2 (10705370): Direct Mount Temperature Switch

The TSB-R205F/96C-1/2 is a Direct Mount Switch for temperature sensing. It has one limit contact that can be used to activate an alarm, actuate indicator lights or shut down equipment. A precision machined brass mounting plate and port captures a high quality stamped beryllium copper diaphragm. The single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) snap switch is operated directly from the diaphragm, for quick acting and positive switching. Trip point is factory preset according to your specifications.

The plated steel housing is weather sealed to prevent entry of moisture, dust, etc. A glass-filled nylon terminal block with quick screw terminal connections gives the TSB switch a real advantage in industrial engine applications.

The TSB is ideal when reading is not desired, but temperature is critical to operational efficiency. The TSB-R205F/96C-1/2 is factory preset with a switch trip point on Rising at 205°F/96°C. This model has a 1/2-14 NPT standard connection and fits most engine applications.